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Demand Forecasting Platform

Traditional demand forecasting tools are inaccurate and can result in inventory pile-up, thus decreasing service levels.

ThouSense considers both, internal and external factors and uses advanced machine learning along with deep learning techniques to ensure accurate forecasts.

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Commodity Price Forecasting Platform

PriceVision enables commodity traders, procurement, and risk management eams to take decisions based on an intelligent data-driven approach.

Thoucentric focuses on providing price forecasts of the traded commodities, instead of a traditional approach based on the market trends and rudimentary indicators.

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Predictive Business Planning

Business leaders should be able to assess organizational readiness for different business scenarios that may come to be.

Cosmo leverages a combination of advanced analytics, supply chain planning approaches, and event simulation models to help organizations simulate business performance in an end to end multiple business scenarios.

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Predictive Quality Platform

Quality issues lead to increasing recalls, financial falls, and customer dissatisfaction. The solution? Proactive investigation and identification of potential product quality and safety issues to reduce manual rework and costs.

PrediQ leverages the power of IoT and machine learning to provide real-time predictions and recommendations to resolve any potential defects before they happen.


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technology expertise

advanced Analytics

NLP & Text Mining Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition, Prescriptive Analytics, Recommendation Engines

Core Analytics

Classical Machine Learning, Descriptive
& Predictive Analytics, Feature Extraction
& Automation, Control and Optimization

Emerging Technologies

Conversational AI, Image Processing, Deep Learning, Industrial IoT

Platform Architecture & Deployment

Enterprise Data Ingestion, Big Data ML Engineering, Framework Deployment using systems like Kubernetes, ML App containerization using platforms like Docker

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