Factory IoT implementation for a Global Hot Beverage Major

Chat bot, robot virtual assistance. Artificial intelligence conc

Our Approach to end to end IoT implementation

  • Business Idea for digital Transformation
  • Workshop for business to understand processes, KPI, logistics and points
  • Evaluate processes, constraints, environment based on KPI and pain points
  • Prepare high level implementation plan
  • Feedback from business on time, cost, resources and IoT Enablement prioritization
  • Create high level plans for implementation
  • Choose IoT platform that support major IoT protocols, enterprise ready, good support
  • Business Idea for digital Transformation
  • Plan agile mode implementation, create user stories
  • Implement the solution, performance check, stress test, security test
  • Business learn to ride – Train business to use dashboards, customize and improve KPI
  • Monitor the results, improvement in KPI

Highlights of our work

Energy consumption(Power / Air Compressor / Water)

  • Provide visibility of opportunities to reduce energy costs and consumption
  • Early detection of variations
  • Early detection of leakages

IoT Enabled Factory

  • Benchmarking Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Drop per minute(DPM)
  • Insights into machine availability and productivity
  • Predictive Maintenance, Product Quality

Friendly interface
customized to user

  • Cross facility traceability
  • Early detection of deviations across the production process
  • Precise fault analysis

Quality Management

  • Predictive Product Quality
  • Accurate Test results with Automated testing over sample testing

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