ThouSense implementation for the India business of a Global Personal Care giant

The Scale (Depth and Breadth of the implementation)

  • Complete ML coverage of over 50,000 combinations (scalable to 1M)
  • 400+ SKUs, 6 Channels, 20 Depots
  • Forecast window scope: Monthly (can go down to hourly) up to 18 months ahead
  • 3+ years of historical sales
  • Drivers – 10+ internal, 5+ external


  • Automated Data Ingestion Pipelines and DQ reports
  • No Touch Forecasting System
  • Intelligent Reports downloadable to Excel
  • Scenario Planning enabled
  • Attribution layer (expected to be delivered by end of September), would help them understand promo effectiveness and Return on Promotional Spends (RoPS)


Picture1zxc (1)

Monthly forecast accuracy improvement from 58% to 65% at a SKU-depot level

Picture1zxc (2)

Forecast Bias Reduction from 12%
to 5%

Picture1zxc (3)

Incorporate the impact of the prevailing pandemic; improve accuracy by an additional 2-3%