Commodity Price Forecasting Platform

PriceVision runs on a machine learning-powered forecast engine. The tool evaluates historical prices of commodities in respective trade exchanges along with micro and macro-economic factors that impact the commodity prices to provide a highly accurate forecast into the future prices of the commodities.

The forecast is available across relevant exchanges, in Cash and Future Markets over multiple time horizons (daily, weekly, monthly).

ML-powered price forecasting engine for commodity markets


Our product can help commodity traders, procurement and risk management teams in :

ML based decision making
Take correct positions in the
financial market

Cost savings
Procure commodities

Increased forecast accuracy
Save losses and opportunity

key features

Market Insights &
Trend Analysis

Price forecasts generated by CPFT, factors in sentiment analysis of digital news & other relevant articles by using NLP, text analysis & computational linguistics

Tools & Indicators

Validate your analysis through charts & technical indicators like pivot points, volatility, Fibonacci calculator

Rich Data Drivers

The drivers fed into the model include extraneous factors such as Weather, Economic Indicators, Black Swan events, etc. along with inventory levels at various locations


Application across major commodities in Agri, Metals, Petrochemicals, Energy

Provides accurate forecasts in Cash as well as future markets across relevant exchanges like CBOT & NCDEX

Diagnostics & Accuracy Monitoring

Generate price forecasts at daily, weekly & monthly levels. The short term forecasts thus generated are more in sync with actual market movements & longer horizon forecast aid long term procurement decision making

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