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Demand Forecasting Platform

ThouSense combines information such as historical sales, daily demand, and real-time signals from all points in the supply chain with diverse external business indicators such as point of sale data, currency fluctuations, and weather forecasts based on the product category, to churn out accurate short to long term forecasts.

Upgrade your demand forecasting processes using our AI-enabled platform


thouSense can help demand planning teams with:


short term demand forecast accuracy

Increased inventory
accuracy leading to optimal inventory levels

Reduced inventory
requirement and transportation cost

service levels

key features

Demand forecasting platform

Advance machine learning & deep learning techniques to generate short to long term forecasts. Make targeted decisions on different product groups through intelligent segmentation

Best in class accuracy

State of the art AI/ML algorithms which can tap into any data source (promotions, weather, media spends, competitor activities, cannibalization, socio-economic indicators, online reviews and ratings, etc.) & generate accurate forecasts

Scenario Planner

Play out scenarios and make informed data-driven decisions.

Get insights for questions like:

  • What will be the impact of a future promotion?
  • What will be the impact of an advertising campaign?
  • How will my demand be shaped because of a contest?

Explainable AI

Generate local, global & causal explanations for each driver & analyse AI model’s prediction. Easily find out the contribution of each of the Internal/External factors to the forecast & take data-driven decisions

Probabilistic forecast

Improve decision choices using classification options & probability distribution models. Analyse queries like: How much of a service level hit will I take if reduce the forecast to 80?

Intelligent Assistant

Converse with the data through our integrated capabilities in Natural Language Processing and ask for information without writing a question or struggling with a hundred filters

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