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Low Touch Demand Forecasting on SaaS

Get rid of never-ending planning spreadsheets and predict your sales volume and demand trends in a matter of few clicks. Our AI/ML based, easy to use SaaS platform helps you predict future sales volume, anticipate demand trends & seasonality without compromising on accuracy.

thouSense Lite Features
thouSense Lite - Low Touch Demand Forecasting SaaS


thouSense can help demand planning teams with:


short term demand forecast accuracy

Increased inventory
accuracy leading to optimal inventory levels

Reduced inventory
requirement and transportation cost

service levels

key features

Quick Fire Demand Forecasting

Users with access to TS Lite can quickly generate their demand forecast in a few clicks. The user uploads their demand and hierarchy files, configures the forecasting parameters like forecast granularity and horizon, triggers the run, and gets a demand forecast in a matter of hours.

TS Lite Forecast Report

Intuitive User Friendly UI

The configuration process as well as consumption of reports is made intuitive and seamless for our users. With multiple data quality checks, the system helps the user maintain the quality of the data to generate the best possible forecast numbers. Get an overview of all the activities performed of ingestion and forecasting from the dashboard.

TS Lite Dashboard Page

Configure & Schedule forecasts

TS Lite allows you to configure your forecasts at your desired level of granularity (weekly/monthly) and for a forecast horizon of up to 24 months.

You can also schedule your forecast runs to be triggered at a specified time, make the forecasts available to the users at the desired time.

TS Lite Configure Forecast Schedule

Configure & Consume Forecast reports at different cuts

Using the hierarchy and demand files uploaded by the users, they can configure the reports at different cuts and hierarchies as per their business requirements.

Once the forecast run completes, the user will be able to view the forecasts at these different cuts as configured at the setup stage.

TS Lite Configure Reports

Monitor Model Performance with Accuracy Reports

Once the forecast run completes and teh actuals are made available, the users can get a view of the accuracy reports for the historical runs. 

This allows the users to monitor the accuracy performance to get a view of how the product has performed for different runs in the past, at the different reporting cuts.

TS Lite Accuracy Report

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